The KNVEY Experience Platform is the digital asset management engine that has powered the Subaru of America media solutions for over a decade. The KNUT team is proud to have been part of aiding Subaru's rise to the top among automotive websites. Through providing digital asset management features, the KNVEY platform has enabled Subaru to easily create and manage engaging, user-friendly content and digital experiences that have positioned them as a leader in the automotive website experience. The KNVEY platform has allowed Subaru the flexibility to quickly and effectively manage the content on their website, leading to a top-tier website experience that customers are sure to appreciate.

TorqueNews recently featured an article detailing the new developments on Subaru of America website, noting features that provide value to users, such as TrueCar deals, vehicle ratings, used car buying tips and more. Through the website, Subaru strives to create an enjoyable customer experience that helps customers to understand their vehicle better and can provide them with the latest research related to Subaru vehicles.

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