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KNVEY Portals Features & Benefits

With KNVEY Portals, you have the tools to connect people, data, and ideas in ways you've never imagined. Craft any immersive portal your team dreams up and watch your business drive meaningful interactions with your users like never before.

Personalized Content Discovery Experiences at Your Fingertips

Designed to meet the diverse needs of all your departments, this powerful web app builder empowers you to create customized portals for your teams, partners, and customers. From seamless collaboration and streamlined digital asset management to immersive user experiences and advanced analytics, KNVEY Portals revolutionizes the way you engage and connect with your users.

Key Capabilities

See the Range of Features in KNVEY Portals

From seamless content management and media integration to advanced file management and powerful geodata capabilities, KNVEY Portals provides the tools you need to deliver personalized and immersive digital experiences. Explore the impressive features below and see how KNVEY Portals can transform the way you engage with your users.

KNVEY Sites | Team Management

Team Management

Assign specific roles, groups, and permissions to team members, ensuring that each person has the appropriate level of access and responsibility. With centralized user management, you can easily add, remove, or modify user accounts as your team evolves.

File Asset Library

File Asset Library

The File Asset library allows you to upload and store truly any type of files. Once uploaded, you can easily organize and categorize your files using descriptions, tags, and metadata. This enables you to add meaningful data to your assets, making them easily searchable and accessible.

KNVEY Portals | Web Reference Library

Web Reference Library

KNVEY Portals goes beyond traditional file management by allowing you to manage URLs as if they are files. This means you can treat web references, such as links to external websites or online resources, as assets within your library. You can add descriptions, tags, and other metadata to these web references, making them just as organized and searchable as your other files.

KNVEY Portals | Asset and Content Collections

Asset and Content Collections

KNVEY Portals allows you to create collections of assets or content, such as images, videos, documents, articles, and more. These collections act as organized sets of related items that can be easily managed and served out to your digital interfaces.

KNVEY Portals | Geodata


By leveraging the geomapping and geodata features of KNVEY Portals, you can create interactive and location-aware web applications that enrich the user experience and provide valuable geospatial insights. Whether it's showcasing store locations or presenting geographically relevant information, KNVEY Portals equips you with the tools to leverage the power of geolocation and geodata in your digital experiences.

Easy Digital Asset Management

A Brief Look at What KNVEY Portals Can Do

Inventory 2

Stock Integration

KNVEY is integrated with Pexels stock image and video libraries, allowing you to access a vast collection of high-quality visuals to enhance your content. Easily search, preview, and insert stock images and videos into your portal pages.


Thumbnail Image Generator

Generate thumbnails automatically for images or videos, allowing for consistent and visually appealing previews. This feature simplifies the process of creating thumbnail images for your content.

Video File

Video Compression

Compress and optimize videos without compromising quality, reducing file size and improving loading times. This ensures smooth video playback and a seamless user experience.


File Metadata and Tags

Enhance file organization and searchability by adding metadata and tags to your files and assets. This enables you to categorize and retrieve files based on specific attributes or keywords.


File Versioning and History

Keep track of file versions and access the history of changes made to files within KNVEY Portals. This ensures data integrity and provides an audit trail for file revisions.


User Activity Tracking

Keep track of user activities and actions within the portal. KNVEY Portals provides logging and auditing capabilities, allowing you to monitor user interactions, track changes, and maintain an audit trail for compliance and security purposes.

Floating Digital Data

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Why Choose KNVEY Guides

In a world filled with countless choices and options, it's crucial to distinguish your company and showcase its distinct value. That's where KNVEY Guides steps in to transform how your customers explore and buy your products. It's never been easier to become known as the go-to destination for a show-stopping shopping experience.

KNVEY Portals | Compelling Sales Story

KNVEY Portals

Imagine having the power to create a digital experience for your audience that rivals the seamless navigation and content discovery of popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon. With KNVEY Portals, you can turn that vision into reality.

KNVEY Sites | Features and Benefits

KNVEY Sites Features & Benefits

From easy content creation and organization to seamless asset management and optimization, KNVEY Sites provides a comprehensive solution for your team. With our user-friendly interface, advanced search capabilities, and customizable workflows, you'll find that content and asset management has never been easier.