Efficient media management with KNVEY for Subaru of America
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A Cutting-Edge Media Experience

Subaru takes customer experience to the next level with KNVEY, delivering organized, efficient, and eye-catching media to customers across the world.

Ready to make media management a highlight of your digital strategy?

Subaru of America needed an efficient way to manage and display its massive library of images and videos on its website. The solution? KNVEY, the digital experience platform that was able to meet the needs of the enterprise. Now, Subaru of America can quickly and easily manage, share, and display tens of thousands of assets in a centralized system. With KNVEY, Subaru provides an unparalleled level of engaging content and delivers a cutting-edge and reliable digital experience.

Subaru Needed a Brand Showcasing Digital Media Management Strategy

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Stunted Scalability

Subaru experienced problems with scalability and storage limits of prior media management solution.


Security Risk

Limited ability to properly protect media from unauthorized personnel or unauthorized uses.

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Difficult Media Distribution

Inability to automate deployment and distribution of media to different outlets and easily manage releases.

How KNUT helped Subaru create one of the highest-performing automotive websites in the industry.

Skyrocketing the Subaru Brand with Media & Gallery Management

The Subaru of America website and digital strategy that maximizes the reach of Subaru's media to audiences around the world.

Convenient location for media access and organization with KNVEY
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Streamlined Access to Digital Assets

With the KNVEY platform, Subaru has streamlined access to digital assets across websites and systems. This enables Subaru to easily access all of its digital assets from one central hub and update information promptly, regardless of where it's located. Subaru can maintain the accuracy and integrity of its digital assets and decrease the amount of time it takes to locate data.

Tracking media use and performance with KNVEY for Subaru of America

Manage & Track Asset Performance

Subaru has an enhanced ability to manage and track assets use and performance. This enables Subaru to prioritize its content more effectively and to identify which assets are providing the best value. As a result, they can minimize redundancy and ensure the highest ROI of their assets.

Maximizing ROI of media assets with KNVEY's management solution

Scalable, Centralized, and Flexible Media Management

Subaru of America has been leveraging the KNVEY platform to manage its new media and galleries over the years, and it has grown with them. KNVEY allows the Subaru of America team to have access to all of their media from one convenient location. The platform makes it easy for the team to find and organize all their media, providing a single source of truth for their business needs.