Elevating sales growth with KNVEY for Jennie-O-Turkey
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A Sales and Marketing KNVEY Experience

With KNVEY Portals and KNVEY Sites, Jennie-O-Turkey created educational sales resources that provided valuable information on the benefits of incorporating turkey alternatives into school meals.

Jennie O Turkey Boosts Engagement and Sales Nationwide with KNVEY

For years, school menus had been dominated by calorie-laden, processed foods that compromised the health and well-being of students. Jennie-O-Turkey recognized this pressing challenge and sought to introduce their nutritious turkey alternatives to schools across the country. But, they faced the uphill battle of breaking through established norms and convincing schools to embrace change. KNVEY Sites and Portals equipped Jennie-O-Turkey with powerful resources to elevate their presence in cafeterias.

Jennie-O-Turkey Faced Communication and Engagement Challenges

Trending Up

Needed to Show Product Value

Needed to efficiently share product information and educate customers on the features, benefits and use cases to demonstrate the value of the product to leads.


Limited Team Collaboration

Needed to increase alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing teams and eliminate data silos and improve data integrity.


Difficulty Upselling and Cross-selling

Jennie-O-Turkey sales teams previously struggled with upselling and cross-selling, leading to a lack of growth and effectiveness.

Transforming School Menus

The Push for Healthier School Cafeterias with KNVEY Sites and Portals

The captivating campaign site and Menu Maximizer application effectively engaged schools, parents, and students, leading to increased sales and a surge in demand for Jennie-O-Turkey products. The compelling content and interactive features fostered a deeper understanding of the nutritional benefits and exceptional taste that their turkey alternatives offered.

Centralized platform for sales growth and engagement with KNVEY Portals and Sites

KNVEY Campaign Site

With KNVEY Sites, Jennie-O-Turkey created a visually stunning and user-friendly site that highlighted the benefits of incorporating turkey alternatives into school menus. The responsive design ensured a seamless browsing experience, captivating visitors with product imagery, compelling content, and interactive elements that educated them about the nutritional advantages, diverse flavors, and health benefits of Jennie-O-Turkey products.

Enhancing school engagement with compelling content and KNVEY

KNVEY Sales Portal

To simplify the process of incorporating turkey alternatives into school meals, Jennie-O-Turkey developed the Menu Maximizer using KNVEY Portals. This tool gives schools a way to plan weekly menus efficiently. From product images and summaries to detailed nutritional values, the Menu Maximizer helps schools make informed decisions that promote healthier eating habits among students. With just a few clicks, schools create customized, nutrient-rich menus that cater to their unique requirements.

Sales growth through targeted communication and KNVEY-powered resources

Streamlined Content Management

KNVEY Portals and Sites provided Jennie-O-Turkey with a centralized platform to manage and streamline content. The intuitive content management system allowed easy updating of product information, nutritional data, and educational resources, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for schools, consumers, and sales teams.