Seamless browsing experience for Manus Products with KNVEY
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A Customer-Focused Product Website

The Manus Products website not only showcases their extensive product line but also provides a seamless journey for their users. The intuitive navigation and interactive features ensure a frictionless browsing experience, allowing B2B customers to effortlessly explore the vast array of offerings and make informed decisions.

How Manus Products Transformed Their Product Website with KNVEY Sites

Manus Products recognized the need to revamp their online presence to meet the evolving demands of their customers. They wanted a partner who could not only grasp the intricacies of their industry but also understand the unique challenges faced by B2B companies in the online realm. By working with the KNUT team and KNVEY Sites, Manus Products gained the agility and control needed to keep their website content fresh and engaging.

Manus Products Needed a Consistent and Converting Website 


Complex Product Representation

Manus Products encountered challenges in presenting their extensive product line in a clear and organized manner. Without a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, customers struggled to find the specific products they needed, leading to frustration and loss of sales.

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Inadequate Search Functionality

Manus Products lacked a search function on their website, making it challenging for customers to find specific products or navigate through their extensive catalog. This resulted in a high bounce rate, as users struggled to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently.

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Ineffective Lead Capture

Without a lead capture system, Manus Products faced difficulties in collecting contact information and staying connected with potential customers who expressed interest in their products. This could have resulted in missed opportunities for lead conversion and customer acquisition.

Dominating the Manufacturing Market

Manus Products Converts Leads into Sales with KNVEY Sites

Central to the success of this collaboration was the KNVEY Sites content management system (CMS). The AI-Capable CMS enables Manus Products to manage their product information efficiently. With this platform, Manus Products gained the ability to update and curate content effortlessly, keeping their website dynamic and responsive to evolving market trends.

Fresh and engaging product website with KNVEY for Manus Products

Centralized Product Information

The KNVEY Sites CMS provided Manus Products with a centralized location to store and manage their product information. This streamlined their content management process, ensuring that all product details were organized, easily accessible, and consistently up to date. It eliminated the need to navigate multiple systems or platforms, saving time and reducing the risk of inaccuracies.

Growing your business with KNVEY's product website solutions
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Content Production Services

The KNUT team offered Manus Products comprehensive content production services, covering various aspects from copywriting to product photography. The visually appealing product photography added visual interest to the website, allowing customers to get a clear view of the products.

Multilingual support for global audience engagement with Manus Products' website

Multilingual Support

The Manus Products website, powered by the KNVEY Sites CMS, offers multilingual support, allowing them to cater to a global audience. This feature enhances user experience, fosters inclusivity, and ensures that Manus Products can connect and engage with their diverse customer base in their preferred language.