Effective digital strategy for Law by Bazaz with KNVEY
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Small Business Site... Big Results

Law by Bazaz leveraged KNVEY Sites to build a marketing site, enhancing their online presence and generating new leads.

Trying to grow your digital presence and create an effective digital strategy?

Law By Bazaz was looking to grow their digital presence and create an effective digital strategy. To achieve this goal, they searched for a sophisticated but flexible content management system and web partner. The law firm chose the KNVEY platform and KNUT team to develop an engaging marketing website. The site enables Law by Bazaz to efficiently target their customers and increase their reach.

Law By Bazaz faced common small business obstacles:


Stunted Potential

Law by Bazaz experienced reduced potential for referrals due to lack of an online presence.


Slow News Dissemination

Slower dissemination of news regarding law firm services.


Difficulty Competing

Limited ability to publicize services and explain unique value in comparison to the competition.

How KNUT helped Law by Bazaz stand out in a competitive market

Generating Leads and Turning Leads Into Clients

A marketing site to showcase credentials and present strategic advantages to increase opportunity to become an industry leader and reach a wider audience.

Law website optimization with KNVEY for Law by Bazaz

Effortlessly Sharing Positive Reviews

With just a few clicks, the Law by Bazaz team can create short-form content and make it visible on their site—all without having to touch a line of code. It's an effortless way to showcase their positive reviews and give customers an insight into their exceptional service.

Affordable law website development with KNVEY

Keeping Users Informed

The Law Blog is a blog intended to assist the public with their legal needs. It provides articles covering topics and questions that are relevant to their target audience so they can stay up to date on the ever-evolving legal landscape. The blog is easy to update, keeping readers informed with the most current and accurate legal advice from Law by Bazaz.

Affordable law website development with KNVEY
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Building Brand Awareness

The KNUT team provided comprehensive digital marketing services to Law by Bazaz. This included logo design, marketing collateral production, video content, and professional headshots, as well as a business card design and more to create comprehensive and positive imagery for the business.