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Imagine having the power to create a digital experience for your audience that rivals the seamless navigation and content discovery of popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon. With KNVEY Portals, you can turn that vision into reality.

Revolutionize Your Content Discovery with KNVEY Portals

This innovative search engine builder helps businesses build captivating web portals that provide personalized search experiences for their users. By curating and organizing your content with precision, you can guide your audience through a tailored journey of discovery, presenting them with relevant information, products, or services they need. With KNVEY Portals, you have the tools to serve and engage your audience like never before.

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What Can You Build with KNVEY Portals?

Here are just a few examples of the portals you can create using KNVEY Portals. The platform offers the flexibility and customization options to tailor your portals to match your unique requirements and deliver exceptional experiences to your users and deliver value to your customers, team members, and stakeholders.

KNVEY Portals | Product Portals

Product Portals

Immerse your customers in a seamless browsing experience, allowing them to explore your offerings with a dedicated product portal.  You'll easily showcase your products, allowing customers to browse product catalogs, access detailed specifications, view images and videos, and get customer support.

KNVEY Portals | Marketing Portals

Marketing Portals

Ensure that your teams are always equipped with the latest marketing collateral. With KNVEY marketing portals, you can effortlessly upload, organize, and update marketing materials such as brochures, presentations, videos, and images. This eliminates the hassle of manual distribution and ensures that everyone has access to the most current and approved assets.

KNVEY Portals | Employee Portals

Sales Presentation Portals

Leverage sales presentation portals to enhance your sales team's productivity, facilitate knowledge sharing, streamline workflows, and provide access to important sales collateral. This knowledge sharing platform ensures that your sales team is equipped with the latest and most impactful materials to drive successful sales interactions.

KNVEY Portals | Learning Portals

Learning Portals

The KNVEY learning portal offers a robust solution for delivering educational content, courses, and certifications to your audience. Whether you aim to provide professional development, training programs, or specialized courses, this portal is designed to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

KNVEY Portals | Event Portal

Event Portals

Facilitate networking opportunities and meaningful connections with a KNVEY event portal. This tool is great to manage information for conferences, trade shows, or virtual events, providing attendees with event details, session schedules, networking opportunities, and interactive features.

KNVEY Portals | Support Portals

Support Portals

Centralize customer support for a consistent experience. By consolidating customer support in a centralized portal, you ensure a consistent support experience across channels. Customers can access the same resources and receive assistance from the same support team, regardless of the communication channel they choose, providing a seamless and unified support experience.

Seamless Content Discovery

Why KNVEY Portals is the Key to Effortless Content Discovery and Sharing



Allow users to save and bookmark their favorite content pieces for quick access.


Custom Filters

Create personalized filters to sort, filter, and search through your portal easily and enable users to find content based on various criteria, such as date, product, or other attributes.

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Lists and Reports

Enable users to create lists, compile reports, and share content to individuals outside the portal.

Auto Awesome

Featured Content

Highlight and promote specific collections or content pieces to drive engagement and visibility.


Centralized Updates

Utilize the centralized administration tool to manage and publish the latest updates across the portal.

Dashboard Customize


Customize the portal's appearance and branding to reflect your unique brand identity.

Floating Digital Data

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KNVEY Portals | Analytics Features

KNVEY Portals Features & Benefits

With KNVEY Portals, you have the tools to connect people, data, and ideas in ways you've never imagined. Craft any immersive portal your team dreams up and watch your business drive meaningful interactions with your users like never before.

KNVEY Portals | Why KNVEY Portals

Why Choose KNVEY Portals?

With KNVEY Portals, you can take your brand to the next level of interactivity. Gone are the days of static web experiences that fail to captivate your audience. With our powerful web app builder, you can create immersive, dynamic, and interactive portals that truly bring your brand to life.

KNVEY Portals | Analytics Features

KNVEY Portals Pricing

Use KNVEY Portals to build a support hub where customers can find resources effortlessly. Or, create an engaging partner portal to foster collaboration. Choose a KNVEY Portal plan and get started on your journey to better digital experiences today!