Immersive product launch campaign website by Hormel
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An Impactful Product Launch Experience

With KNVEY Sites, Hormel found a versatile content management system (CMS) that empowered them to create an engaging and visually striking website. The platform offered seamless integration with their enterprise website, ensuring a cohesive user experience and easy access to the Fire Braised Meats promotion.

Looking for a creative and inspiring way to launch a new product line?

Hormel envisioned an immersive marketing campaign that would introduce their Fire Braised Meats product line. They wanted to go beyond traditional marketing approaches and create an interactive platform that would engage and educate their target audience. With the versatility of KNVEY Sites, Hormel created a powerful brand experience for their customers that showcased the unique flavors and benefits of the Fire Braised Meats line.

Hormel Needed to Streamline Product Collateral Management


Content Management Complexity

Hormel faced difficulties in managing their product collateral, including videos, images, and descriptions, in an organized and efficient manner. Without a streamlined content management system, they encountered challenges in updating and presenting their product information effectively.


Integration with Existing Website

Hormel struggled with integrating the Fire Braised Meats marketing campaign seamlessly with their existing enterprise website. Ensuring a cohesive user experience and providing easy access to the campaign was a complex task without a suitable solution in place.

Trending Down

Website Performance Issues

Hormel's website faced performance issues, including slow loading times, which resulted in a poor user experience and potential customer frustration. They sought a solution that could provide optimization techniques and responsive design capabilities to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience across devices.

Hormel's Journey to Connecting with Consumers

Hormel's Fire Braised Meats Campaign Set the Bar High with KNVEY Sites

Through the creative use of interactive elements, animations, and high-quality visuals, the Fire Braised Meats campaign website provided an immersive brand experience for customers. KNVEY Sites' intuitive CMS allowed Hormel to manage product collateral effortlessly, from videos to images and product descriptions, ensuring each element received the attention it deserved.

Captivating brand experience with KNVEY for Hormel's product launch

Seamless Integration

KNVEY Sites seamlessly integrated with Hormel's enterprise website, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience for customers. The integration bridged the two websites together, providing easy access to the Fire Braised Meats promotion and enhancing the overall browsing experience.

Interactive elements and engaging content for Hormel's KNVEY-powered campaign

Secure and Reliable Hosting

Hormel benefited from KNVEY Sites' secure hosting and backup solutions, ensuring the reliability and uptime of their website. Regular backups provided an added layer of protection, giving Hormel peace of mind that their website data was securely stored.

Effective marketing campaign website powered by KNVEY for Hormel
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Mobile-Responsive Design

KNVEY Sites offered a fully responsive platform, allowing Hormel's marketing campaign to be accessed and enjoyed on any device. This mobile-friendly design ensured that customers could engage with the Fire Braised Meats campaign from anywhere, anytime.