Data-driven product demos with KNVEY Guides for Equinix
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A Sales Demo Guide Experience

Equinix used KNVEY Guides to create a wizard app right within Salesforce for data-driven product demos, saving time and boosting sales team efficiency. Now, Equinix sales reps can concentrate on building customer relationships and delivering value.

Custom Salesforce Guide Gives Equinix the Power to Deliver Data-Driven Demo Experiences

Equinix, a global leader in data centers and interconnection solutions, aimed to improve their sales process and customer experiences. They achieved this by integrating KNVEY Guides with Salesforce, creating a dynamic data-driven product demo. This collaboration empowers Equinix's sales team to provide the best user experience.

Equinix's Roadblocks to Consistent Product Demos

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Complex Demos

Before KNVEY, Equinix's product demos were complex and hard to do, making it tough to explain products clearly.


Lacked Insights

Equinix needed a better approach to collect customer insights, essential for effective segmentation and targeting.


Information Overload

They struggled to present a lot of product information in an easy-to-understand way in their demos.

Data-Driven Sales Experience

Transforming Equinix Sales with KNVEY Guides & Salesforce Integration

With KNVEY Guides, Equinix achieved its goal of delivering a data-driven product demo that not only met customer expectations but exceeded them. The intuitive and responsive nature of the tool enabled Equinix's sales team to effortlessly create complex customer proposals and manage their sales funnels within the Salesforce platform.

Streamlined sales funnels and customer proposals with KNVEY Guides

Salesforce Integration

The KNVEY Guides and Salesforce integration provided Equinix's sales team with a one-stop solution. They could now easily access and manage customer data, track sales proposals, and oversee their sales funnel all within Salesforce. This eliminates the need for multiple logins.

Increasing productivity and efficiency with KNVEY Guides and Salesforce
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Tailored Sales Experience

The KNVEY Customer Proposal Template and Salesforce wizard tool gave Equinix a standard way to show customer data, making sales talks more effective and personalized with easy access to important information.

Consistent and personalized sales interactions with KNVEY Guides

White-Labeled Guide

The branded Salesforce wizard tool matched Equinix's style, offering a smooth and engaging experience that enhanced their brand image and reputation.