Showcasing luxury homes and neighborhoods with KNVEY
Hartman Homes Logomark

A Lead Generating Marketing Website

Hartman Homes and KNUT partnered to create a marketing website, showcasing the luxury homes that Hartman Homes has built and providing customers with an enhanced look at the beautiful neighborhoods they build in.

Looking for a website that demonstrates your product value and generates leads?

Hartman Homes faced a unique challenge - their online presence didn't align with the caliber of their luxury homes. The existing website lacked the visual allure and user-friendly experience that would effectively showcase their exquisite craftsmanship. The KNUT team embarked on a comprehensive website transformation that would capture the essence of their exceptional creations and captivate luxury home buyers.

Hartman Homes Needed Upgraded Website to Target Luxury Home Buyers


Outdated Design

The outdated website presence hindered Hartman Homes' ability to capture potential clients and showcase the unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise that distinguishes them in the luxury home construction industry.


Stunted SEO Rankings

With poor online visibility and stunted search engine rankings, Hartman Homes struggled to attract and engage potential customers actively seeking luxury home construction services.


Difficulty Maintaining Relevance

Without an informational blog, Hartman Homes couldn’t easily provide users with up-to-date information on trends, projects, resources, news, and services that the home construction company has to offer.

The Journey into Luxury

Hartman Homes' Site Transformation Sets the Bar for Industry

From the very first glimpse, the Hartman Homes site transports visitors into a world of luxury, sophistication, and limitless possibilities. Striking visuals, immersive galleries, and seamless navigation guides users through an compelling digital journey, showcasing the beauty and attention to detail present in every Hartman Homes creation.

Real-time analytics for Hartman Homes' lead generation
Photo Library

Simple Gallery Management

With just a few clicks, the Hartman Homes team can create stunning image galleries—all without having to touch a line of code. It's an effortless way to showcase their luxury homes and give customers an insight into their exceptional service.

Taking the home building business to the next level with KNVEY

Project & Portfolio Management

Hartman Homes centralized all their home project information with KNVEY Sites. By utilizing a simple and intuitive form, the team can easily update and maintain SEO-friendly project records, ensuring that the latest information is instantly reflected across the company's entire digital landscape.

Custom reporting and detailed insights with KNVEY Analytics
Query Stats

Analytics & Reporting

Hartman Homes found an invaluable asset in KNVEY Analytics. This innovative feature-set includes real-time analytics, custom reporting, and detailed event and page view reporting, giving Hartman Homes the ability to track user activity such as location, IP address, device, browser, referrer, time spent on page and more. Get the insights you need to take your business to the next level - with KNVEY Analytics.