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Digital Strategy

We're experts in creating digital strategies that work for you. By working closely with your teams, we develop custom solutions that meet your specific needs. This saves you time and money in the long run while ensuring the best results.

Ready to Build a Unified Approach to Your Web Strategy?

KNUT's digital strategy services are here to help your business have a strong online presence. We can make your brand more visible and coordinate your web development and marketing efforts. This will help you achieve your goals quicker and with less effort.

Ever Find Yourself Thinking...

Why Is It Difficult to Demonstrate my Company's Value Online?


Problems with Sharing Information

Our customers are not aware of new products or services that we offer on our website.

Support Agent

Challenges in Customer Service

We lack an effective system to respond to digital customer service inquiries.

Conversion Path

Not Enough Direct Marketing

We lack direct marketing that allows us to interact with our customers in a meaningful way.

Sentiment Dissatisfied

Upset Customers

Customers get frustrated with digital interfaces that are confusing and difficult to use.

Clock Loader 60

Slow Problem Solving

Problems and feedback from customers often get lost in the shuffle.


Making Decisions without Working Together

We update our site without prior customer feedback or customer collaboration.

Taking advantage of KNUT’s digital strategy services will give your business a competitive edge. How?

Web Performance

Improved Website Performance and Reach


Respond quickly to customer behavior and market trends


Enhance your brand’s reputation and authority


Increase customer loyalty and repeat visits

Digital ROI

Increase sales and ROI from various digital channels

Cross-selling & Upselling

Increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities


Launch digital products and services faster

Floating Digital Data


Key KNUT Digital Strategy Services include:

Creating a compelling strategy to implement across your digital footprint to increase the effectiveness of your company's presence online. 

Business Plan


Digital Experience Planning

We study how people use websites, and use AI and analytics to make things better. Then, we create designs that are easy to use and make sure your content shows up in search engines.

Digital Strategy Road Mapping

We figure out the best ways to reach the people you want to reach and get the results you want. This means using multiple channels, technologies, or strategies to increase sales or get more people to visit your website.

Content Team

Tactical Strategy

Content strategy & Marketing

We create value for you by making and sharing content that your audience will find interesting and helpful.

Lead Generation Strategies

We get people interested in your business, by sharing helpful content and offers, and sending emails to keep in touch with them.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development

We figure out who a company's customers are and which platforms to use to reach them. Then, we create content that gets their attention. We also set goals, decide how to measure success, and make a plan for when everything will happen.


Implementation and Support

Digital Experience Management

Analyze customer feedback and formulate strategies to increase consumer satisfaction

 Monitoring and Reporting

    Monitor and report on performance metrics associated with digital campaigns, such as web visits, conversions, and customer acquisitions

Frequently Asked Question

What platforms should we focus on in our digital strategy?

A company's digital strategy should involve using various platforms to connect with people. This could include social media, content marketing, improving the website, and sending emails. We'll find platforms that are best for your company and implement winning strategies.

How can we maximize our return on digital investments?

We start by thinking about the big picture and what the organization wants to achieve. Then, we come up with a plan that uses different digital tools and channels to reach those goals. We pay attention to things like how customers interact with the company and use data to make smart decisions. This helps us put our efforts into the best places.

How often should a review of strategies and plans occur?

It's important to review digital strategies every 6-12 months to stay current with industry trends. These reviews also let us see how well things are going and make any needed changes to make sure the strategy is successful.

How can we utilize our existing digital assets to maximize the value of our digital presence?

A digital asset management platform is a tool that helps organizations keep track of and make the most of their digital stuff. It helps bring everything together in one place, making things easier to manage. With this platform, you can organize data and processes, making your site more accurate and efficient.