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KNVEY Guides Features & Benefits

Create personalized and immersive digital experiences that guide customers through their journey, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.  It's time to transform the way you connect with customers and drive revenue growth with KNVEY's innovative sales enablement capabilities.

Understand Your Customers Better with KNVEY Guides

With KNVEY Guides, you can provide your customers with personalized recommendations and support. The impact will be immediate as KNVEY Guides asks targeted questions, understands preferences, and recommends products, services, or answers, that perfectly match their needs. See your business thrive as KNVEY Guides simplifies the sales journey and connects your customers with their ideal solutions.

For Better Customer Journeys

Features that Make it Easy

Let's optimize your marketing spend and achieve a higher return on investment. By targeting your marketing efforts more effectively and delivering personalized experiences, you can maximize the impact of your marketing budget and drive better results.

KNVEY Guides | Asset Library Management

Asset Library Management

KNVEY Guides provides an admin system that allows businesses to organize and store digital assets such as images, videos, and 3D models in a central library. This ensures easy access and retrieval of assets during the configuration process.

KNVEY Guides | Asset and Versioning Control

Asset Versioning and Control

KNVEY Guides comes with version control capabilities, allowing businesses to manage different versions of digital assets. This ensures that the correct and up-to-date assets are used in the configuration process, maintaining consistency and avoiding confusion.

KNVEY Guides | Rules and Constraints

Rules and Constraints

KNVEY Guides can incorporate rules and constraints to guide customers in their customization process. These rules can control dependencies between options, validate selections, and ensure that configurations are within the predefined constraints of the business.

KNVEY Guides | Opportunity Tracking and Reporting

Opportunity Tracking and Reporting

By integrating KNVEY Guides with your CRM, you can track and manage opportunities more effectively. As customers configure their desired products or services, the tool automatically generates opportunity records in your CRM system. This enables your sales team to track progress, forecast revenue, and generate accurate reports for sales analysis and decision-making.

Flexible and Personalized

Increase Conversion Rates with KNVEY Guides


Conditional Logic

Implement conditional logic to dynamically show or hide certain options or questions based on customer responses. This ensures a personalized and relevant experience for each customer.


Gamification Elements

Offer gamification elements such as progress bars, badges, or rewards, creating a fun and engaging experience for customers as they navigate through the configurator tool.

Smart Toy

AI and Chatbots

Integrate with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and chatbots, allowing for automated and intelligent conversations with customers. This enhances the level of personalization and improves customer interactions.


Multi-channel Deployment

You can deploy KNVEY Guides across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, or social media platforms, ensuring accessibility and engagement with a wide range of customers.


Role-based Access

 Use role-based access control, allowing you to define user roles and permissions within the tool. This ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes or access sensitive configuration settings.


Interactive Product Tours

Provide interactive product tours, guiding customers through the configuration process with step-by-step instructions and visuals. This helps customers understand the available options and make informed choices.

Floating Digital Data

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From Excel to KNVEY Guides

Why Choose KNVEY Guides

In a world filled with countless choices and options, it's crucial to distinguish your company and showcase its distinct value. That's where KNVEY Guides steps in to transform how your customers explore and buy your products. It's never been easier to become known as the go-to destination for a show-stopping shopping experience.

KNVEY Guides | What is it

KNVEY Guides

Imagine the impact of a virtual sales assistant that asks the right questions, understands customers needs, and delivers personalized recommendations with precision? Whether you're a tech wizard or a non-technical enthusiast, KNVEY Guides empowers you to effortlessly create a tailored journey of discovery and support for your customers.

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KNVEY Guides Pricing

Let's go on a journey through three exciting plans – Base, Plus, and Premium. Each plan will empower you to create captivating guides that leave a lasting impact.