Digital Asset Migration
Asset Migration Reversed

Asset Migration

The KNUT team can help ensure a successful asset transition from a legacy platform to a new digital asset platform. This type of support helps to ensure that all transferring of data and assets is done, quickly, and accurately.

Ready to free up your team's time from data entry and asset migration?

If you are ready to move your assets to the KNVEY platform, our team can help take the burden off of yours by providing a comprehensive asset migration service. We will ensure a successful migration with minimal disruption and absolutely no loss of data, so your new digital experience platform will be ready to go in no time. With our expertise in digital asset management, we guarantee that the process will be efficient and that your information will remain safe and secure. With our help, you can start enjoying the KNVEY digital landscape right away.

Ever Find Yourself Thinking...

How do I migrate content to a new website?


Lack Resources

We have a lack of resources to manage the migration process properly.

Asset Migration

Need a Migration Strategy

It’s difficult to identify the exact number of assets to move and the best way to do this.


Risking Data Integrity

How do we ensure complete data accuracy and data integrity during the migration?


Siloed Teams

We struggle to coordinate multiple teams and stakeholders in the migration process.


Undocumented Process

The asset migration process is not appropriately documented, leading to an increased level of risk.


Inflexible Tools

Current migration tools lack the flexibility needed to ensure a smooth and successful transition of assets.

Taking advantage of KNUT’s asset migration services will give your business a competitive edge. How?

Asset Migration

Get up and running in KNVEY right away.

Maximize Resources

Maximize the use of existing resources

Cut Costs

Cut operational costs by freeing up your team's time from migration tasks

Secure Transfer

Ensure all data is secure and properly transferred

Quick Access

Quickly access data from previous systems

Strengthen Security

Strengthen the security of data sharing and storage

Floating Digital Data


Key KNUT Asset Migration Services Include:

Quickly transfer your assets and data from your antiquated systems to your new KNVEY platform environment, without giving your team an extra burden or headache.

Visionary Technology


Assess Assets

Creating a detailed inventory of all assets and asset categories that need to be included in the migration process

Project Planning

Developing a plan and timeline to migrate assets to a new platform



Asset Testing

Testing assets to ensure they are functional, secure, and consistent

Data Normalization

Establishing standardization policies and procedures for asset management

Work In Progress


Manual Asset Migration

Manually ensuring all assets are properly migrated and operational in the new environment

Automated Migration

Developing and executing automated data migration scripts

Technical Support

Providing technical support and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the asset migration process

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of asset migration services do you provide?

We specialize in application migrations. Our service offering includes asset discovery, risk assessment, planning, and execution of the asset migration process. We ensure that all technical and non-technical business processes related to the asset migration are identified, planned, and executed with minimal downtime.

How long will it take?

It can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months to complete the asset migration process, depending on the volume and complexity of the assets being migrated. The timeframe will depend on the number of assets being moved, the complexity of the environment, and the resources available to facilitate the transfer. With proper preparation and approach, the migration of assets can be done efficiently and effectively in the most time-efficient manner.

What kind of support do you offer when assets have been migrated?

We offer comprehensive support when assets have been migrated. In addition to one-on-one consultation, guidance, and oversight during the migration process, we also offer post-migration support and maintenance for any issues that may come up. We'll work with you to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve any potential problems with your migrated assets, to keep them running smoothly in the long run.

Do you offer training to stakeholders prior to and during the asset migration process?

Our company provides training for stakeholders during and after the asset migration process. Our tailored training programs are designed to familiarize stakeholders with best practices for managing new and modifying old assets, as well as troubleshooting any issues that may arise. With our comprehensive training approach, stakeholders are given the tools and resources needed to optimize their abilities for asset management in their organization.