CIO Names KNUT as a Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Provider of 2022:

KNUT, a digital experience company, and the KNVEY Experience Platform, were recently featured by the leading technology publication, CIOReview. KNUT was specifically identified as one of the Top Ten Most Promising Digital Experience Solution Providers of 2022. CIOReview highlighted the KNUT approach to helping businesses of all sizes grow and succeed, by leveraging the latest digital advancements in marketing technology. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients as a trusted provider in the digital experience space.

CIOReview is a premier magazine that focuses on insights, case studies and unique perspectives from the C-suite executives across a variety of industries. The magazine is tailored for IT leaders, executives and technology decision makers, providing them with thought leadership, industry trends and conversation generating content. In each issue, CIOReview surveys and interviews top executives as well as provides thorough research and analysis of the latest IT products, services and processes within their specific field. The magazine is a valuable resource for C-suite level professionals who are looking to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the technology sector.

The KNVEY experience platform enable businesses to quickly and easily create digital customer experiences across multiple channels. With industry-leading technologies such as AI-driven customer experience, low-code content creation, intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customizable and hierarchical tagging, and robust analytics and reporting tools and more, KNVEY provides organizations with everything they need to create unique and engaging customer experiences in an increasingly connected world. The KNVEY solutions are used to support customer journey optimization, and increase customer engagement and loyalty. 

We invite you to visit CIOReview to read the article and explore how the KNVEY platform can help you build a superior customer experience that can increase sales and loyalty.