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Manus Products

Manus Products and KNUT developed a powerful and customer-centric website, managed by the KNVEY digital experience platform.
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The Solution

Manus Products was looking for a team to partner with to create a seamless brand experience through their customer-facing website.

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KNVEY is multilingual and features translator functionality, keeping the Manus Product site engaging and inclusive.

Web Development


This was a turn-key initiative, involving asset production development, JavaScript and HTML5 development, QA testing, and more.

Web Strategy


Between UI/UX design, copywriting, asset production, development, and QA, the KNUT team delivered a cohesive and user-centric site development experience.

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Manus Products

The Success

The Manus Products website effortlessly highlights the excellence and extensive product line the organization delivers to its customers.



With the KNVEY digital experience platform, Manus Products consistently benefits from the newest capabilities in web and media management.



Manus Products manages content and assets in the KNVEY digital experience platform, creating a single-source-of-truth for their team.

Team Support


The KNUT team continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support for the Manus website every step of the way.