Jennie-O-Turkey Meal
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Jennie-O-Turkey leveraged a KNVEY digital experience solution to promote the benefits of serving healthy turkey alternatives in place of traditional school menu items one day each week.
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The Solution

Jennie-O-Turkey was looking for a partner to develop a site and sales tool to highlight the Thursday is Turkey Day sales campaign.

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KNUT worked closely with the Jennie-O-Turkey agency of record to develop the campaign site and sales application.

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KNUT developed a responsive, striking campaign site to highlight the Thursday is Turkey Day sales campaign.

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KNUT developed the Menu Maximizer, where customers can create weekly menus and see product images, summaries, and nutritional values of menu items.

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The Success

The Thursday is Turkey Day campaign and Menu Maximizer initiatives powerfully demonstrated the benefits of the Jennie-O-Turkey products to audiences around the country.



Jennie-O-Turkey managed both their campaign site and application with the KNVEY digital experience platform.

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Jennie-O-Turkey equipped its sales team with a powerful site and sales tool to generate awareness in school cafeterias with confidence.

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The fully responsive KNVEY digital experience platform and Jennie-O-Turkey site and application are managed and accessed anywhere, at any time.